Breakfast Platters


Prices per guest at a minimum of 6 guests.  *Mini pastries  $2.00 extra  per person



Berger’s Pastry Platter: An assortment of freshly baked bagels, muffins, danish, and croissants accompanied by cream cheese, sweet butter and preserves. Garnished with fresh berries and grapes.

New York’s Best Bagels: Served with cream cheese, butter, and preserves

Smoked Nova Scotia Salmon: A beautiful display of thinly sliced nova scotia salmon garnished with bermuda onion, capers, crisp lettuce and red ripe jersey tomatoes. Served with assorted cream cheeses and freshly baked mini bagels.

Berger’s Bagel Buffet: A beautiful arrangement which includes white meat tuna salad, egg salad and cranberry walnut chicken salad. Accompanied with bermuda onion, crisp lettuce, red ripe jersey tomatoes and freshly baked mini bagels.

Breakfast Tea Sandwiches: A fine assortment of our breakfast tea sandwiches:

  • Sliced turkey with French Brie and fig jam
  • Herb egg salad
  • Goat cheese with sliced beets and green apples
  • Smoked nova scotia salmon with cream cheese, jersey tomatoes, onions and capers
  • Fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil